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bx's page should be here once i get it to work.

my page page goes here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here. and also maybe here ?

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this is a heading?

and now we are back onto paragraphs agian, yes? underlines? (haha no)

something about comedy.

OK. good, so gur first thing i want to talk about here is comedy, see all gur best comedians are simply stealing other people's jokes, and if they're not stealing from other people, well then they're just stealing from nature.

you'll see people dressing this up as "observational comedy" or sometimes "slapstick humour" if they want to get precise about it, but gur way i see it, it's all gur same.

so that's why i stole all y'all css and cobbled it together to make my website, because i like jokes.